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Who is 123?

123 (one-two-three) is a singer/producer/composer from Japan. Her music could be describes as Electronic Pop with hiphop, jazz, and soul influences, able to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding listeners of each genre.
Her music explore the combination of electronic pop and traditional music such as west African, Brazilian, Afro Caribbean, and jazz, and create her own dark & unique world of beats.

123 produce and perform her own music with modular synthesizers, coding, sampling, and other methods. She has done vocal conversion projects with AI technology with PPLL (ππ来来), a virtual entertainment group in Japan. With her bright&dynamic vocal and her production techniques, she makes satisfy the tastes of the most demanding listeners of pop/electronic music genre.

123 also take an important role in a contemporary dance industry in New York and Philadelphia. 123 succeeded her first east coast tour in 2023 with You.S.Artistry as a music director and opening performer. She also composed and produced music for some dance pieces with John Trunfio, Mayu Nakaya, and others. By collaborating with dancers, she creates spectacular sound scape with themes and stories.

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